AMLO sends letter to Joe Biden amid complaints about energy policy under the T-MEC

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reported that he has sent a letter to his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in which he reiterates his wish that both countries maintain good relations.

The letter was sent days after the United States requested queries under the framework of the North American Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) on energy policies in Mexico.

“I do not consider false or discursive what Mr. president bidenthat our relationship is going to be given with respect to our sovereignty, with an equal footing”, declared the president.

Although he did not want to reveal more details about the content of the letter, until he received a response from the US president, Lopez Obrador He pointed out that his intention is to “always look for a good neighborhood.”

During his press conference morning in the National Palace, affirmed that as of the ratification of the trade agreement with the United States and Canada, embodied in the T-MEC, a better integration has been achieved with both strategic partners.

However, he stressed that in this relationship, respect for the sovereignty of nationswithout generating a condition of inequality and much less of submission.

“Mexico is not for sale, Mexico belongs to the Mexicans, to our generation and to those who come, that is priceless, there is no settlement that is worth it,” said the Mexican president.

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