Capture of the material murderer of Cecilia Monzón, important milestone for investigation: Helena Monzón

With the arrest of a subject identified as Wild “N”the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office has already Captured all those allegedly involved in the feminicide of the activist Cecilia MonzónIn addition to allowing the investigation of the crime to be expanded, he considered Helena Monzonsister of the lawyer.

“It is a very important milestone, precisely to complete the investigation regarding all those involved, it is a case that involves four defendants and therefore this fourth element, being the one who has perpetrated the act directly, materially, will complete what this framework is in itself. investigation,” he said.

In an interview for Aristegui Noticias, the also lawyer rrecognized the role of the Puebla Prosecutor’s Officeagency with which he has been in contact at all times, and explained that he will then monitor the oral trial stage to prevent the alleged perpetrators from being released early.

On May 21, the activist Cecilia Monzon She was killed by two subjects while he was driving in his truck on the Camino Real to Momoxpan, at the height of the Periférico Ecológico, in San Pedro CholulaPuebla.

Investigations revealed that the intellectual author of the femicide was her ex-husband, Javier López Zavalawho also served as a facilitator to carry out the crime, since he himself obtained the weapons, vehicles and the property where two assassins prepared to assassinate the lawyer, revealed the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection.

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López Zavala, who has a four-year-old son with Monzón, asked support of your private secretary identified as Santiago “N”, his nephew Jair “N” and Silvestre “N”.

Last July, the Undersecretary for Security, Ricardo Mejia Berdejadetailed that in April 2022, Javier López Zavala commissioned his nephew and Silvestre to assassinate Cecilia Monzón. The man gave them a van, a motorcycle, a pistol and access to a building, where they kept the vehicles and the weapon before and after Cecilia’s femicide.

Silvestre arrived from Veracruz to commit the murder and together with Jair he began to monitor Cecilia’s routines and movements.

On May 21, Jair picked up the motorcycle provided by his uncle and went for Silvestre to the hotel where he was staying. Both went to the house of Cecilia Monzón. The woman was traveling in her truck, so Jair and Silvestre caught up with her and killed her.. According to the investigations, Silvestre, who was the co-pilot, was the one who shot Cecilia with the weapon that López Zavala got.

After committing the crime, the two subjects went to the address that Javier López Zavala also provided them, to change vehicles, get into a Dodge Durango truck and escape from the place.

On June 13, the former PRI candidate for governor of Puebla, Javier Lopez Zavalahis nephew Jair ‘N’ and the former delegate of the SRE in Puebla, SAntiago Barcena Alvarezwere linked to the process for their alleged responsibility in the murder of lawyer Cecilia Monzón.

López Zavala and Bárcena appeared before a judge of San Martin Texmelucan, who determined his link to the process and maintained the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention. the first pHe will remain confined in the San Pedro Cholula prisonwhile the second in the San Miguel Social Rehabilitation Center (Cereso)in the capital of Puebla.

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With the arrest of Silvestre “N”the femicide of Monzón Pérez is “totally clarified”, affirmed the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office.

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