Chihuahua Congress Commission approves starting political trial against Javier Corral

The Jurisdictional Commission of the Congress of the state of Chihuahua ruled that the request for a Political Trial against the former Governor of the State, Javier Corral Jurado complies with the provisions of the Political Trial Law and Declaration of Origin, having enough evidence to start the procedure.

The president of the Commission, deputy Gabriel Ángel García Cantú reported that the Jurisdictional Commission will notify the accused party of the complaint filedletting you know your guarantee of defense and your duty to answer in writing and offer evidence on your part, within ten days following said notification.

The Commission added that If you do not answer in writing within the established term, the facts attributed will be considered true. in the complaint and will lose their right to offer evidence, in accordance with what is stated in the Law of Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance for the State.

Garcia Cantu assured that the Commission performs responsible work, at the same time recalled that any citizen can file a complaint or complaint against an official that incurs in acts or omissions that are detrimental to public interests.

In its communication, the Chihuahua Congress recalled that “on May 31, 2022, Mr. Gerardo Cortinas Murra presented before the Legislative Power, the impeachment petition against of the aforementioned former governor, due to the acts and omissions committed during the performance of his duties, mainly for non-compliance with the austerity plan and irregularities in the exercise of resources destined to care for the Covid issue.

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Meanwhile, the Jurisdictional Commission agreed to give a 30-day extension to the Ministry of Finance, so that it can send pending information regarding the breakdown of the per diem paid by the personnel of the past state public administration.

The president of the Jurisdictional Commission of the state Congress justified the local body’s decision to hold the meeting privately by assuring that “the referred issue requires such treatment due to its nature.”

Javier Corral Jurado did not comment on the matter, however, he retweeted the post by Ana Lucía Baduy, a member of Movimiento Ciudadano who states that in the Chihuahua State Congress “they are urged and instructed by the Governor to initiate a ridiculous political trial and without fundamentals to Javier Corral”.

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