Concepción Vásquez, a young ayuujk who fights to preserve the ancient technique of Mexican pottery

Oaxaca, Oax.- Concepción Vásquez Martínez is a 22-year-old girl and one of the fundamental pillars of the family “Ayuujk Mud Women”which promote the recovery of the ancient technique and traditional designs of Mexican pottery.

Recently this young Ayuujk (Mixe) along with her nieces obtained the third place of the State Award for Popular Art “Benito Juárez” Oaxaca, under the work entitled “Band Committee”inspired by the daily life of her community, Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, in the northern highlands of Oaxaca.

“I am very happy for this award, because it means that they continue to recognize my culture, the ayuujk continue resistingbeing alive and that is valuable,” he added.

The young artisan is part of the fourth generation family of potters in the community of Santa María Tlahuitoltepec.

“I have been organizing the online sale of my family for 5 years, creating promotion of their pieces, photographs, and dissemination of their family history, I consider it important to document and portray the life of my mother and grandmother, who are pioneers of this art that I now inherit ”, he expressed.

Concepción added that this year he will hold a documentary with the support of IMCINEwith the aim of representing the independence that they have managed to obtain with this job and that, she said, it will be an inspiration for other women.

He recalled that this trade comes through his grandmother Prisciliana Pérez Díaz, and his mother Rufina Martínez Díaz. She stressed that she is happy to achieve her goals, the perseverance and resistance they have shown as women in Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca.

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“My grandmother is a true teacher with clay, she always says that it is her life. She is a woman who inspires, creative, dreamy and who encourages you to make quality pieces. I have learned everything from her and my mother and I dedicate this award that I receive to them”.

Concepción recalled that together with her niece Lesly Alejandra Vásquez Martínez she obtained the first place in the children’s category, with the piece entitled “Farewell to bands”.

Likewise, together with another of her nieces, Betania Vasquez Martínez received the honorable mention under the piece entitled “Casa de piedra”.

“These recognitions show the practice and the guts that we have as a family, but more as women to conserve and continue teaching girls to value pottery,” she concluded.

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