Indigenous leader linked to process for political violence against deputy in Nayarit

The Attorney General of the State of Nayarit confirmed that he was linked to a process for alleged political violence against women based on gender, the indigenous leader Braulio “N”who last May issued violent adjectives and expressions on the social networks of the local deputy Belén Muñoz.

A review judge ruled keep him in pretrial detention for two more months, in which the complementary investigations conclude to dictate sentence.

“(…) this individual, advised by his defense, requested duplicity of the constitutional term, for which the term was expired, the hearing of connection to the process was held. The accused was placed at the disposal of the First Instance Control Judge of the Accusatory and Oral Criminal System, who, when presented via hearing by the Public Ministry, the evidence dataconsidered them sufficient to issue an order linking the process against Braulio “N”, who also established a justified preventive detention as a precautionary measure and established a two-month closing period for the complementary investigation, ”said the local prosecutor’s office in a statement.

It should be remembered that last May, the local deputy expressed an opinion on her social networks about the development of the Knowledge Olympics in communities of native peoples of the municipality of Ruiz, a situation that caused annoyance in the accused and originated a series of insults and violent adjectives against the legislator.

At the time, contacts of the deputy labeled the media, as well as authorities and the local ombudsperson to address the accusations of the accused today, who isOn other occasions he has driven violently against other women.

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In 2015, Braulio “N” headed the Nayarit Indigenous Movement, whose goal was Isla del Rey in San Blas, where the Wixárika Tatei Aramara sacred site is located, and made contact with groups and artists such as Calle 13, Café Tacvba, and Maná to organize a benefit concert for this project, but it never materialized; neither a alleged documentary about his original group from which he said he would have obtained international resources.

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