Peacemaker en el DCEU

Peacemaker’s situation in the DCEU has a very positive and exciting update for all fans. How great are you, James Gunn!

with the movie Flash on the horizon, big changes are expected in the timeline of the DC Extended Universe. Although it is not known when the season 2 of peacemaker of James Gunnmost likely after the movie of the Scarlet Speedster finally hit theaters.

However, one wonders where the season 2 will canonically be placed. peacemaker. Will it work solo? Will it be part of the so-called snyderverse? Will it be part of the new DC Extended Universe timeline?

In response to a fan asking all of these questions, James Gunn clarified the following on Twitter. “Yes,” he said. “Peacemaker Season 2 is still, and will continue to be, part of the DCEU.” Director of Suicide Squad has not given more details, but it is likely that this means that whatever the continuity of the DC Cinematic Universe… The series of John Cena will be part of it!

Where is the DC Universe right now?

For those who are not very informed in this area, the Snyderverse, previously known as the continuity of the DCEU, has undergone very turbulent phases. Since the controversy related to the Zack Snyder’s Justice League to the personal dramas of Ezra Millergoing through the non-renewal of the Superman of henry cavill. Warner Bros Discovery needs a change.

When Flash finally hits theaters next, it’s expected to give the DCEU a truly needed reboot. In any case, it is not even clear in what state Barry Allen himself will end up, since the study has abandoned several future projects that he had due to the complaints that the actor has received. Be that as it may, at least we will have season 2 of peacemaker in hbo max.

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season 2 of peacemaker It should be released next year, despite the fact that production has not yet started. James Gunn is currently focused with Marvel Studios brand new I Am Grootset up Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special and sentence the trilogy with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Until then, he’s tied up with the MCU. Afterwards, he will return to the DCEU to expand his vision.

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