Pro4T youtubers would have their morning;  Morena will perform 'expofraude' and more |  Political Columns 08/02/2022

“Major Temple”, in Reforma

IT’S CURIOUS, while Arturo Zaldívar continues campaigning for who knows what political future, the lawyers from New York! they are more interested than the minister president in defending the judges… Mexicans!

“Under Reserve”, in El Universal

They already had candidates in Morena, but now, the youtubers and bloggers related to the so-called Fourth Transformation, who attend the presidential press conference at the National Palace, will now have the opportunity to have their own morning show.

“Transcended”, in Millennium

That on August 21 the National Convention of Morena will meet again and after the results of the internal elections it plans to set up an expofraude in which they will present the documented irregularities, and there is no way they will deny them when even AMLO acknowledged that there was carrying and buying votes, although he clarified by resorting to the formula of “but nothing to do” with the frauds operated by the conservatives.

“Political Fronts”, in Excelsior

1. Runaways. Moved more by the desire to destroy the opponent, the secretary for the Political Promotion of Women of the National Action Party, Laura Esquivel, the president of the Steering Committee in Jalisco, Diana González, and federal legislators, presented to the Attorney General’s Office a complaint against public servants in Jalisco who are responsible for omissions in the protection mechanisms for women that led to the femicide of Luz Raquel Padilla.

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