Rosa de Castilla, actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, dies

The actress and singer Rosa de Castilla died at the age of 90informed the House of the Actor.

Maria Victoria Ledesma Cuevashis real name, was part of the history of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema

It was nominated to a prize Ariel in 1954 for his work on such for which.

shared the scene with Jorge Negrete, Tin Tan, Pedro Armendáriz, Luis Aguilar, Joaquín Cordero, Antonio Aguilar and Fernando Casanova, Resortes, Manolín and Shilinsky, Clavillazo and El Piporro, among other actors.

Rose of Castile was born in Jalisco and was the daughter of Salvador Ledesma Márquez and María de la Luz Cuevas Cuéllar. She had three brothers, Luis, Javier and Liduvina.

He began his career in Aguascalientes, where he performed with great success at the Río Rosa nightclub.

He later moved to Mexico City, where he made his radio debut on the station XEX, “The Voice of Mexico”.

He left his voice recorded on dozens of records with the companies Columbia, Musart, RCA Victor and Orfeón.

(Photo: Tw / Dussauge Productions)

Some of his hits were “Goodbye, canoe”, “The arrow”, “Damn abyss”, “Woes of love in the river”, “White-legged dove”“Half love”, “The law of the mount” and “With a broken soul”.

Some of his best known films are The three merry compadres (1952), hot rumba (1952), such for which (1953), The unknown mariachi (1953), sandwich for three (1954), The girls of 7 (1955), land of men (1956), Here are the Aguilares! (1957), I… the adventurer (1959), two hearts and a sky (1959), My grannies… no more! (1961) and hero by force (1964).

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Their last movie, The pigeon of Marseille (1999)by Carlos García Agraz, once again earned her critical acclaim, winning the Bravo Award for Best Film Actress.

In 2015, participated in the video clip “Vámonos” by the singer Zarco Gómez, filmed at the Casa Fortaleza of El Indio Fernández in Coyoacán.

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