They denounce the leak of personal data from the Protection Mechanism for journalists and activists in Morelos

The Network of Women Journalists of the State of Morelos denounced the leak of information and personal data of the journalist and activist Adriana Mújica Murias, after requesting the activation of the Protection Mechanism for Journalists and Human Rights Defenders.

Mújica Murias denounced that he was the target of threats from the owner of a digital media outlet in the eastern regionfor following up (from the Gender Parity Observatory and in parallel as an opinion journalist specializing in gender) the political and digital gender violence faced by a councilwoman.

For this reason, he filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office in response to threats received on July 28, which is why he also requested the activation of the Protection Mechanism for Journalists and Human Rights Defenders of the State of Morelos.

The members of the Mechanism met last Friday and the activation of measures that would be notified to Mújica Murias this Monday was approved.

However, as reported by the Network of Communicators, during the weekend the document that establishes the measures including their personal data was leaked in WhatsApp groups.

“What generates our concern is that through various social networks a document issued by the agent of the Public Ministry assigned to the Third Shift of the Early Attention Unit, dated July 28, 2022, is being shared, where personal data of the complainant is displayed, so we consider that not only the companion Adriana Mújica Murias is displayedbut also their privacy is violated, due to the lack of secrecy on the part of the agencies involved, ”reads a statement issued by the Network of Women Journalists of the State of Morelos.

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The Network stressed that “the threats, leaks and irregularities that occurred in this process take on special relevance in an entity where since 2015 a Gender Violence Alert (AVG) was decreed in 8 municipalities.”

They demanded that the authorities comply with the protection of personal data and that they carry out an investigation to sanction the leak.

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