'Alito' Moreno has already distributed candidacies for deputies and senators of the PRI for 2024: Osorio Chong

The coordinator of the bench of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Senate, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, accused that the national leader of his party, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, has already distributed candidacies for federal deputies and senators Heading to the 2024 elections.

He has already distributed all the federal councils and senatorial offices for the next 24. I know that he has raised them, that he has told them, that he has promised them and my party goes beyond that. My party must be stronger for that election.

In an interview after the mournful tribute paid by the PRI to the former national leader, René Juárez Cisneros, which Moreno Cárdenas did not attend, the former governor of Hidalgo considered that the smear of Moreno Cárdenas puts at risk the coalition of his party in the elections of the State of Mexico.

“It is a huge risk. I have stated it, I don’t care about the criticism they make of me, I speak very seriously, because the numbers don’t lie. The surveys say that the discredit of ‘Alito’ is already hitting him, he is already unpresentable”.

Osorio Chong said he will insist that Moreno Cardenas leave the leadership of the PRI.

“We are going to continue calling for his retirement from the leadership and of course the call for a new leadership that may have the strength to be part of a government alliance that can be formed with other political parties to compete in the election of the 24”.


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