CDMX police torture against detainee investigated |  Video

A Mexico City police officer beat and placed a plastic bag over the head of a detainee who, apparently, was inside in an official vehicle.

The incident was documented on video and posted on social media. In the clip, the policeman is heard saying: “You already remembered, right?”, and then the uniformed officer places a plastic bag on the apprehended person, while he hits the covered face.

Given these facts, the capital’s Security Secretariat reported that once the video was known, the General Directorate of Internal Affairs started the investigation folder to identify the officers involvedthe date and place where the attacks occurred.

In addition, the Investigative Police of the Capital Prosecutor’s Office was notified for the corresponding inquiries, since in case it is determined that it was torture, it is derived in a criminal matter, the Secretary of Security said in a statement.

The corporation claimed that will not tolerate acts such as those observed in the video and that he is already working on the training of the elements.

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