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The 23 members of the English soccer teamwho were proclaimed champions of Europe last Sunday in Wembleythey requested Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak the two candidates to be Prime Ministerthat if they are elected raise the investment in women’s football.

Taking advantage of the recent success of the national selective and its conquest of the UEFA European Championship against the German team 2-1, the soccer players have sent a letter to both candidates to remind them that history was made on Sunday, making the dreams of the 23 women who became champions come true.

Throughout the European Championship, as a team we talked about our heritage and our goal to inspire a nation. Many will think that this has already been achieved, but we see this as just the beginning. We are looking to the future. We want to create real change in this country and we ask that if you become Prime Minister on September 5, you will help us bring about that change.

The internationals stressed their desire that every girl in the nation who wants to play soccer can.

The reality is that we are inspiring young girls to play football, only for many to end up going to school and not being able to play.

The lioness’ They detailed that women’s soccer has come a long way, but that there is still a long way to go, for which they emphasized the crucial role of the Prime Minister in ensuring the easy equal access for young women and girls.

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They deserve to play football at lunchtime and in PE classes and they deserve to believe that one day they will be able to play for England. We want your dreams to come true too […] This is an opportunity to make a big difference. A change that will impact the lives of millions of girls and we, the 23 members of the senior EURO women’s team, ask you to make investing in women’s football a priority in schools so that every girl has that choice.

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