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    The director and producer alex church(‘El Bar’, ‘Crimen Ferpecto’) already has a release date for his latest film: ‘The fourth passenger’. The tape recovers its original name, after having made a temporary change to ‘Blablacar’. And although we already knew the first images of ‘BlablaCar’: Alex de la Iglesia’s new comedy, at FOTOGRAMAS we compile and tell you everything we know before it hits theaters next fall.

    The fourth passenger: release date

    The next title by Alex de la Iglesia is already scheduled for its exclusive theatrical release next October 28 from the hand of Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia SLU

    The fourth passenger: Synopsis

    In ‘The fourth passenger’, Julián (Albert Saint John), a 50-year-old divorcee, uses the famous application to share his car with strangers and, especially, with someone who is not so stranger anymore: Lorena (Blanca Suarez), a young woman who often travels to Madrid. For months she has had a fixed seat in her car and lately also in her heart. Julián wants to take advantage of her trip to be honest with her, but he makes a mistake when choosing the rest of the occupants (Ernest Alterio Y Ruben Cortada) includes a passenger (perhaps the most unbearable individual in the world) who will cause a radical change in the course of events.

    ‘The fourth passenger’: Cast

    For this road-trip they get into the car, first: Blanca Suárez (‘The summer we live’, ‘El Bar’) and Alberto San Juan (‘Sentimental’, ‘The other side of the bed’). They are joined by Ernesto Alterio (‘Perfect strangers’, ‘Advantages of traveling by train’) and Rubén Cortada (‘The Prince’, ‘What their eyes hid’).

    ‘The fourth passenger’: Who at the wheel?

    Alex de la Iglesia is in charge of this script, which he is also co-author with Jorge Guerricaechevarria. In addition, this project brings you together with producers Telecinco Cinema Y PokeepsieFilmswith whom he had already garnered great success and recognition in 2017 with ‘Perfect Strangers’, a film that ended up being among the ten highest-grossing Spanish cinema.

    They are added producing: ‘you’ve come up AIE.’. With the participation of Mediaset Spain, Movistar + Y Mediterranean Mediaset Spain Group.

    ‘The Fourth Passenger’: Photos

    These are the first images of the film:

    Diego Lopez-Calvin

    ernesto alterio and alberto san juan in


    ‘The fourth passenger’: Poster

    This is the first poster for the movie:

    the fourth passenger alex church poster

    sony pictures

    ‘The fourth passenger’: Trailer

    The trailer for the film has not yet been released, and we will post it as soon as it is available.

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