In Veracruz they approve 'Nahle Law';  those born in other states may be candidates for governor

With the vote of the majority of Morena, the Congress of Veracruz approved amending its Constitution to allow people born in other states to be candidates for popular election positions, as long as their children were born in the entity or prove an effective residence of five years.

The initiative, baptized by the opposition as ‘Nahle Law‘ would allow the Secretary of Energy contend for the governorship despite being born in Zacatecas, since his two children were born in Veracruz.

The deputy for BrunetteMagaly Armenta, author of the initiative that gave rise to the opinion, argued that the objective of the Constitutional reform is to grant thousands of people the recognition that “at heart, they are already Veracruzanos”

In its explanatory memorandum, the opinion states that the reform “allows legal certainty and certainty to be given to people who, for whatever reason, come to Veracruz territory with the hope of knowledge, investment and new life opportunities and that, ultimately, contribute to the entity’s growth and development in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres”.

During the discussion of the initiative, members of the caucus of the National Action Party affirmed that Morena’s initiative is nothing more than a “tailor-made suit” to allow Dew Nahle to be a candidate for Governor in the 2024 elections.

PAN member Miguel Hermida stressed that the Veracruz congress has put numerous initiatives on hold, however this initiative was reviewed and voted on in just five days.

Despite the rejection by several members of the PAN caucus, three National Action deputies joined the predominant bloc of Morena, PT and Verde Ecologistaand voted in favor of the initiative, which obtained 38 votes in favor, 11 against and zero abstentions.

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