More than 120 men arrested for raping eight women in South Africa;  the attack lasted four hours, says the victim

More than 120 men will be presented Wednesday before the Court of South Africa after being arrested for their possible participation in the rape of eight women in Krugersdorpnorthwest of Johannesburg.

According to the newspaper Dispatch Livethe suspects are under arrest for contravening the Immigration Law.

The police explained that they are waiting for the DNA tests that allows them to connect the detainees with the aggression against a group of eight women who were recording a music video.

According to reports, a film crew was shooting a music video when a gang of illegal minerswith their faces covered, burst into the place, fired weapons and attacked the women among 19 and 37 years old.

“These horrific acts of brutality are an affront to the rights of women and girls to live and work in freedom and safety. We are calling on communities to work with the police to ensure these criminals are caught and brought to justice,” South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday.

During a press conference over the weekend, Police Minister Bheki Cele said that the events that occurred against these women are the “shame of the nation”. However, this Wednesday, Cele faced a wave of criticism for his statements during an interview for eNCA.

The minister assured that one of the rape victims “she was lucky” to be raped only by a manwhile the rest of her companions suffered abuse by up to 10 subjects simultaneously.

On Twitter, Mudzuli Rakhivhane, spokesperson for the One South Africa Movement, tweeted a snippet of the conversation and commented: “ Is this how the police think about rape? That victims in South Africa are lucky when they are raped by one person? Is this the state of our nation?

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“I offered to receive all the pain so they wouldn’t touch the girls”

Dispatch Live He narrated that the woman in charge of the modeling agency that organized the recording in Krugersdorp told local media that she tried to offer herself on the condition that they did not harm the girls.

He said that when the group of men arrived, they all had balaclavas, so they tried to flee but were surrounded.

She tried to protect the minors but was attacked by three men who raped her in front of the girls. She said that in the face of imminent danger, she tried to offer herself in exchange for the girls being able to run away without being touched, but to no avail because each of them suffered sexual violence.

I blamed myselfI thought it was my responsibility that the girls were there, “he said.

The police minister is expected Bheki Cele meets with some of the victims at the Alexandra police station on Sunday.

He will brief the media after the closed-door meeting with the survivors and their families.

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