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The Netflix series ‘The First Death’ premiered on June 10 and was received with open arms by the public, who applauded the arrival of a lesbian vampire series on the platform. The numbers do confirm, since for two weeks it remained in the top 10 of the most watched series on the streaming platform, behind other titles such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Stranger Things’. Despite this, Netflix has announced its cancellation after the first season.

What has led to the cancellation of the series has been its lack of success compared to other Netflix titles., which have remained at the top for the longest time. According to dead line, the series did not have the same level of audience engagement as other Netflix hits and did not meet the required minimum of full episode views. Namely, many people started it, but left it halfway.

‘The first death’ is based on the story of the writer Victoria Schwab, published in 2020, which managed to become a phenomenon of children’s literature. The piece made the leap to the streaming platform at the hands of the author herself and the team of writers and producers, including Emma Roberts. This LGTBIQ+ reference focuses on the romance of two girls, while one belongs to a family of hunters, the other is part of a vampire dynasty. A ‘Romeo and Juliet’-style drama mixed with a bit of ‘Twilight’ and seasoned with lesbian love.

Descendant of the literary vampire classic ‘Carmilla’, ‘The First Death’ breaks with the tradition of the bad lesbian, a female vampire who corrupts submissive virginal girls. The series centers on Calliope (Imani Lewis), a determined girl who arrives new in the neighborhood where she meets Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), a teenager belonging to a vampire dynasty who sets her sights on her first prey, the just-arrived. The young woman discovers that her new neighbor belongs to a hunting dynasty. The fight between the two clans makes things difficult to which another problem is added: a strong crush between the two girls.

‘Heartstopper’ will have two more seasons

‘Carmilla’ belongs to one of the classics of universal literature. In a failed attempt to demonize love between women. This work, over time, has become a source of inspiration for the creation of other lesbian pieces. Movies, series, books… ‘The first death’ is another of the titles that deals with sapphic love. Nevertheless, It seems that the series with lesbian representation are liked, but they are not given enough representation.

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Going through the controversial homosexual kiss between two female characters in the Disney movie ‘Lightyear’, Netflix also canceled two series in which its protagonists were homosexual. This is the case of ‘This shit is beyond me’, which had the script prepared for the second season, but it did not see the light of day due to the circumstances brought about by Covid. Added to the list of cancellations is the series ‘Day by day’, which caused a lot of frustration among fans because of how the platform announced it and ‘Two bullets very lost’, which came to accumulate many fans.

The followers and followers of ‘The first death’ have shown their outrage on networks at its cancellation, another one that is added to the list of series with lesbian references that Netflix decides to cancel. For one reason or another, the platform decides not to continue with these stories where the representation of love between women takes center stage and makes visible a reality that is almost non-existent in the industry, At least compared to other LGTBIQ+-themed series, such as ‘Heartstopper’, a series that recounts the romance between two boys and for which Netflix has two more seasons planned.

Immediately after the news of the cancellation of ‘The First Death, ‘Heartstopper’ trended on Twitter, with many users of the social network accusing Netflix of double standards when dealing with its queer series.

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