Poland classifies cats as 'invasive alien species'

After determining that the domestic cats cause damage by hunting and feeding on birdsthe Polish Academy of Sciences determined through the Nature Conservation Institute that domestic cats should be classified as an “invasive alien species“.

Wojciech Solarz, the scientist responsible for the reclassification, revealed that I didn’t expect the reaction from cat lovers before this news and assured that false information was spread about the institute requesting euthanasia to wild cats.

That is why, the Nature Conservation Institute emphasized that it opposes any kind of cruelty against animals and it is not contemplated to impose restrictive measures for cats that were reclassified as “wild exotics”.

“The status of the ‘exotic’ species is not affected by whether its presence has negative effects, but only by whether its occurrence in a given area is a natural phenomenon or the result of human activity. Therefore, even harmless species that have been necessary for humans are exotic species,’ says part of a statement shared by the institution.

Although the agency noted that the population must strive to reduce the negative impact of the domestic cat on biodiversity and advises limiting cats’ time outside of enclosed spaces during bird breeding season.

Photo: Pixabay

Poland has a record of 1,787 species considered invasive exotic animalsamong which are raccoons, egg white moths and mandarin ducks.

According to information from Global Change Biologythe Cats kill nearly 3.7 billion birds a year.in Poland it is estimated that there are 140 million birds per year.


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