Prime Minister of Peru announces his resignation "for personal reasons"

The Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres, he said Wednesday on Twitter that submitted his resignation to President Pedro Castillo alleging “personal reasons”, at a time when the Government is going through a political storm due to fiscal investigations of alleged corruption in the environment of power.

Torres, who had assumed the presidency of the Council of Ministers in February, had become a staunch defender of the president in the face of allegations of corruption and constant attacks from the opposition-dominated Congress.

“I am retiring from office after having served, together with you, our country, especially the most neglected and forgotten people,” Torres said on the social network Twitter.

His resignation comes when the President Castillo faces five investigationsincluding for alleged crimes of influence peddling, obstruction of justice and even plagiarism of his thesis teacher’s master’s degree.

Castillo, a former trade unionist and public school teacher, has denied the accusations and has accused the “oligarchy and powers that be” of seeking his removal.

The president, who has carried out an unprecedented rotation of ministers during his mandate, must now decide whether to accept Torres’s resignation or announce his replacement, which he would be the fifth prime minister within a year of taking office.

Added to the political uncertainty that Castillo faces are the social conflicts in the world’s second largest copper producer, which have slowed down mining operations and affected investor confidence, despite the fact that the president has moderated his speech of greater state intervention in the economy.

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