They move the 'right hand' of the President of the Court after a photo with an alleged feminicide

Prudencio Jorge Gonzalez Tenorio ceased to serve as advisor to the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, Rafael Guerra, and was appointed control judge.

The change occurred after the newspaper Reform published a photograph showing the official walking with Jorge Hernández Alcocer outside the Suntory restaurant.

This is the same place where the lawyer murdered his wife, the singer Yrma Lydya, according to the accusation held by the capital prosecutor’s office.

In its coverage, the newspaper Reform affirmed that Jorge Hernández Alcocer worked as a ‘coyote’ in the judiciary for high-profile cases, taking advantage of contacts with senior officials, including who was the right ‘hand’ of the president of the Court.

Prudencio Jorge González Tenorio and Rafael Guerra have had a professional relationship since 2008, when they worked in a court in Mexico City.

Although González Tenorio will no longer work with the head of the capital’s Judiciary, he will now be a control judge, where he will have the job of ensuring the rights of victims and defendants in judicial proceedings.

-June 23: murder of the singer Yrma Lydya.
-June 29: Hernández Alcocer: ‘Coyote’ of the Court (Reform)
-July 6: Change notified in the judicial bulletin.

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