They revoke three definitive suspensions against Section 5 of the Mayan Train

Three definitive suspensions filed against the works of the Mayan Train in Section 5 South already were revokedreported the director of the National Tourism Fund, Javier Maywho on the instructions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is in charge of this project, which will cover Chiapas, Yucatan, Campeche and the Quintana Roo peninsula.

“Good news for the people! The “definitive suspensions” of amparos 884/2022, 923/2022 and 1003/2022 that were on Section 5 South of the
@TrenMayaMX. The work has always been legal, but we met all the requirements of the judge to leave no doubt, ”May wrote on her Twitter account.

The section in dispute, which led the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador will declare the work as national security accusing interference from abroad, is a segment of approximately 60.3 kilometers, which goes from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

In this area, activists and organizations such as Defending the Right to a Healthy Environment (DMAS) have filed appeals arguing that since the beginning of the works the Mayan Train did not have environmental impact statements, so they consider that its construction violates the law. Two of the revoked protections, 884/2022 and 923/2024, correspond to DMAS, while indirect protection 1003/2022 was promoted by three inhabitants of the municipality of Solidaridad.

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yesterday the judge Adrian Fernando Novelo Perezfrom the First District of the state of Yucatan, considered that the evidence provided by DMAS is insufficient to demonstrate that the works in the place have already been resumed.

In his ruling, the judge stated that there is no way to check if the federal government violated the suspensions granted to stop the work in Section 5.

In response, Antonella Vazqueza DMAS attorney, said in Aristegui NewsI know what providing evidence is difficult because they are being carried out deep inside the jungle and there is no internet network.

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Anthropology and History reported that it has been almost 90 percent progress in prospecting work and in “approvals” so that the work can continue on Section 5 South.

When submitting a report on the archaeological rescue actions carried out by the INAH in the regions through which the Mayan Train will pass, the director of the INAH, Diego Prietosaid that the southern area of ​​Section 5 reports more progress than in the northern area, where they are only 11 percent complete.

“In Section 5 South, where works were suspended for a time in this part, we have already completed 89 percent of the prospecting of the area and the approvals so that the work can continue its course,” he said.

“As for sections 1, 2 and 3, we already have 100 percent approvals for work on the trunk, that is, on the tracks. We are already working on complementary works, for its prospecting and archaeological salvage”.

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