AMLO asks for a 5-year world truce to avoid military and commercial wars;  urges the US, China and Russia to accept the proposal

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He assured that the world urgently needs a “truce” that allows the peoples to face the crises they are going through.

“First it was the pandemic, then the Russian war with Ukraine and now tensions in taiwan” lamented the president.

In the context of escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, after the visit of Nancy Pelosi, president of the US House of Representatives, to the island located in East Asia, reiterated that Mexico’s position is that there should be no wars. During the morning conference this Thursday, AMLO insisted on seeking an alternative to military confrontations through dialogue and agreements.

The world is ready to agree among all peoples and nations, a truce of at least five years to face the crisis. A truce that stops the war, the confrontation, the provocations, and once the fighting stops, especially the russian and ukrainian warthat in five years, this could be done by the UN, a review is made, he reiterated.

The Mexican president insisted that the countries must commit to do not bet on war and confrontationbecause the world is not only going through a war, but also a commercial one that prevents the growth of economies.

There is more and more poverty, there is world inflation. What do we have to do? Promote productive activities, create jobs, serve the poor and seek the cooperation of nations and peoples for development,” said AMLO.

“Isn’t it too much to ask United States, Russia and China that they accept the proposal?” questioned the president, who also assured that the world does not want hegemonies.

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López Obrador stated that no government in the world can and should not act irresponsibly. He explained that It is not about Manichaeism or pointing out good and badif not to take into account the needs of the people and put it above the interests of any government or power group.

“It seems utopian, but it is what is needed.”

Since Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last Tuesday, China has carried out a series of military exercises that have set off global alarms. This Thursday, the Asian giant launched exercises of missile launch in the Taiwan Strait.

“Imagine if there is retaliation in Asia and trade is hindered, a kind of trade war breaks out… How are we going to deal with that?” AMLO questioned. “It hurts everyone.”

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