Blue Origin launches its sixth manned voyage into space and lands successfully

This Thursday morning, August 4, Blue Origin made its sixth manned spaceflight. The New Shepard, the vehicle of the company founded by tycoon Jeff Bezos, took six people and returned to earth 10 minutes later.

The people on board were Coby Cottonone of the founders of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel; Mario Ferreira and Sara Sabrywho became thehe first people from Portugal and Egypt to reach space. They also traveled the pioneer in technology Clint Kelly III, Steve Youngtelecommunications executive and Vanessa O’Brien.

With the NS-22 trip, Vanessa O’Brien becomes the first woman to complete the “extreme trifecta of explorers” since it has reached space, climbed the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, and descended to the deepest point of the ocean, Challenger Deep, in the Pacific.

Cotton and Sabry didn’t have to pay for their trip because their seats were sponsored. by non-profit organizations MoonDAO and Space for Humanity, respectively. On the other hand, apparently the rest of the crew paid for their trip to space, although the exact amount is not known.

The New Shepard is a fully automated, reusable rocket pod combo. The rocket returns to Earth for a powered vertical landing near the launch site, with the capsule parachuting down soon after. Passengers aboard the vehicle can see the curve of the Earth against the blackness of space and experience a few minutes of weightlessness.

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