Brawl at La Raza hospital: IMSS staff and officers clash |  Video

Elements of Federal Protection and personnel of the La Raza Medical Center they faced blows in the vicinity of the hospital, one of the most important in the Mexico City.

In several videos that have been released on social networks, it is observed how hospital medical staff He seeks to get the security elements out of the facilities with shouts and shoves.

According to an information card from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)the events occurred after a worker refused to comply with the review protocol by Federal Protection personnel.

“During the dispute the officialsFederal Protection officers withdrew and a confrontation was avoided”, detailed the institution.

According to the IMSS, the situation returned to normal after mediation between union delegates and La Raza workers.

“At no time were the medical services and the operation of the hospitals affected,” he asserted.

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