Delfina Gómez is emerging as a candidate in Edomex;  Six-year term lost in economic growth and more |  Political Columns 08/04/2022

“Major Temple”, in Reforma

Oops! Surely someone woke up in a bad mood at the National Palace, after seeing that the experts have already said that this will be a lost six-year term in terms of economic growth.

“Under Reserve”, in El Universal

Everyone knew it but yesterday it was confirmed. It is widely discussed in the National Palace that some of the “questions” that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is asked are actually planted, or are used to carry out negotiations, and that several thousand pesos are paid for them.

“Transcended”, in Millennium

That the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, personally informed Higinio Martínez that his contender Delfina Gómez won the poll for the candidacy to govern the State of Mexico, but if the senator does not attend today the act in which the official announcement will be made It is not to question the results and in fact his team made it known that he will support the 4T and the President to end the almost 100 years of the PRI in that entity.

“Political Fronts”, in Excelsior

1. Seriousness guaranteed. With his eyes set on the change of government in Mexico City, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador mentioned some names of those who could aspire to the candidacy for Morena to replace Claudia Sheinbaum. The president slipped one that did not appear, tacitly, in the list of candidates, but that immediately aroused interest.

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