Guardianes de la Galaxia de Marvel

Marvel/Disney are getting a lot of flak lately for their treatment of VFX creators and now they’ve revealed what happened in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

joe pavlo has revealed the bad work environment that existed in the post-production of the first film of the Guardians of the Galaxy of 2014. Since Marvel is being accused of very aggressive practices against the creators of special effects that force them to work long hours for several months and then change everything.

“The visual effects industry is full of wonderful people with a lot of goodwill who really care but, at the end of the day, nothing is in place when their backs are against the wall and Disney is making crazy demands. All the goodwill in the world just evaporates when everything changes and they decide to either replace that character with a different actor or change the whole setting: they’re now in a pizza restaurant instead of a cornfield. It can be so extreme at the last minute.”

joe pavlowinner of the Emmy, does not have good memories of his work in Guardians of the Galaxy:

“It can be characterized as bullying, but filtered through multiple layers of management, supervisor and hierarchy. It’s not like the Disney exec is grabbing someone and cursing at them or anything. It’s more like an atmosphere where everyone feels like this is the most desperately important thing and if we don’t do it, we’re all screwed. The average artist doesn’t even have contact with clients. It’s really just the people at the producer and supervisor level and then they pass it on to his team. So you could say, oh, the supervisor is a real bully, but it’s really a knock-on effect and then the people who are the team leaders, once they can’t handle it, they end up being bullies.”

Some of the VFX artists’ overwork comes from Marvel Studios’ lack of planning:

“Disney/Marvel is very famous for wanting multiple versions in parallel so they can decide what they want. If you imagine having the art department design a set, you wouldn’t get them to tear the set down and rebuild a completely different set 35 times. Because it’s digital, people don’t see it as the same thing, but it is: it involves work, creativity, and long hours. Don’t believe yourself.” concluded joe pavlo.

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The movie Guardians of the Galaxy can currently be seen on the streaming platform Disney Plus.

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