Higinio Martínez accepts Delfina Gómez's triumph: 'I will not question the method, I congratulate the teacher'

The senator Higinio Martínez accepted the triumph of Delfina Gómez to be the next Morena candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico.

Through Twitter, Martínez Miranda expressed that will not question the method or the mechanism“because that was my commitment”.

The former municipal president of Texcoco congratulated the current Secretary of Public Education and thanked those who supported his project.

In a broader message posted on Facebook, Higinio Martínez thanked the political cadres, leaders and social leaders of the State of Mexico for your support. “I have the satisfaction of sowing in you the conscience to transform our state.”

He said noI have never needed a position to fight against abuse and corruption, since “it is a matter of principles and conviction”.

“I was not given the opportunity to govern the State of Mexico, because this is how it is. We all know that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Loyalty, which is the main virtue that should prevail in politics, I handle as something substantive in my life”.


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