Kansas votes to defend abortion;  US prepares for retaliation from China and more |  Front Pages of the World 08/04/2022

This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Thursday, August 4.

Kansas decision to keep abortion motivates Democrats

Warning to the Republican Party

The United States prepares for China to bare its teeth

Response to Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan expected to raise risk of conflict

The PP jelly the resistance to the energy saving decree

Popular leaders accuse Sánchez of being a dictator and a totalitarian

Guardian / UK

Revealed: The far-right website radicalizing UK children

“Devaluation shocks only produce poverty”

Massa presented his first measurements. With the axis of obtaining dollars to promote “development with inclusion”, the basis of his anti-inflationary project, he assured that he will add 7,000 million to the reserves.

Pedro Castillo refuses to give his statement today at the prosecutor’s office

Investigation: Influence peddling, illegal sponsorship and criminal organization


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