Luis Vizcaíno is linked to the process for alleged corruption in Benito Juárez's 'Real Estate Cartel'

Luis Viscaino Carmonaformer general director of Legal Affairs and Government of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, was linked to process for his participation in the so-called Real Estate Cartel, reported the Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJCDMX).

The former official is located in justified pre-trial detention in the North Prison for his probable participation in the crime of illicit enrichment. There will be 3 months for complementary research, detailed the prosecution.

Currently there are various allegations of alleged corruption that involve officials of the Benito Juárez delegation, today the mayor’s office, under the command of the former delegate, Jorge Romero Herrera, current coordinator of the federal deputies of the PAN.

Luis Viscaíno presumably made extortion and alleged exchange of favors outside the Law in the mayor’s office that resulted in economic and political benefits for their bosses immediate, and apparently for other people of high hierarchical level, both of the demarcationas well as the political party in which he is a member, bread.

The investigations of the General Coordination of Territorial Investigation establish thate could have been due to pressure from construction companies to carry out violent evictions and without prior dialogue, with the argument of a supposed rearrangement of street vendors, while I held the position in the mayor’s office, from 2009 to 2016.

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Luis Viscaino, even, has been investigated by the PAN, for an alleged extortion to businessmen from whom in 2015 he possibly asked for money in exchange for allowing him to carry out a sports career in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office.

According to investigations, he is the co-owner of a property whose commercial value would exceed 30 million pesos. Half of said property was sold to him in 2014 for 1.4 million pesos, much less than its real cost.

The Prosecutor reported that there 39 apparently related properties with the “Benito Juárez Real Estate Cartel”, of which the apprehended person is probably a part.

Last July 30, Viscaino was arrested in the vicinity of the Del Valley neighborhood and was subsequently placed at the disposal of the Judge who required him in the North Men’s Preventive Prison.

The former director of Works and Urban Development between 2009 and 201, Nicias René Aridjis Vázquez, is also being investigated for allegedly authorizing irregular constructions in exchange for financial benefits. He is currently fugitive from justice and has one orarrest warrant.

Also, in 2015, Aristegui News released a video in which the then general director of Administration of the delegation and alternate president of the Acquisitions, Leasing and Service Provision Committee is observed, Emilio Javier Martinez Morales, negotiate with an employer the payment of presumed electoral supports to Romero Herrera’s campaign with public contracts.

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According to the testimony obtained by this news outlet, all the relevant positions of the delegation participated in the corruption network and its main operators are: Gustavo Gonzalezwho was the brother-in-law and financial operator of Romero Herrera; Ferdinand Flowersdeputy director of Material Resources, who was also denounced by another businessman; Victor Mendoza, former deputy director of General Services and brother of Luis Mendoza, former local deputy; Y, Ferdinand Von Roehrich, brother of Christian Von Roehrich, successor of Jorge Romero as mayor of Benito Juárez.

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