MLB: Mexican Joey Meneses debuts in the Majors and sets a record |  Video

Joey Meneseswho was summoned to the starting line-up for the first time with the team of the Washington Nationalsbegan his career in the Big leagues of baseball in the best possible way, after becoming the first Mexican player to hit the ball over the fence in his first MLB game.

In his debut, the Mexican only took three at-bats to hit the ballwhich turned out to be a real missile that shot into left field and served to put the last run on a scoreboard that ended 5-1 over the New York Mets.

Meneses received his long-awaited opportunity after the Nationals close a historic deal with the San Diego Padres by John Sotoyoung promise of 23 years, and Josh Bellwho was replaced by the one born in Culiacan at Tuesday’s meeting.

In addition to being the first Mexican to hit a home run in his debut, Meneses also set a new record as the Mexican-born baseball player to cover all bases in fewer at-batsbreaking what was achieved in 1998 by Gabe Alvarezwho achieved it in his second game and fifth at-bat with the Los Angeles squad Detroit Tigers.

(With information from Brand and Record)

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