Suspensions against Tren Maya revoked;  Senate elite earns millions and more |  National Headlines 08/04/2022

These are the outstanding news of this Thursday, August 04, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

They offer pensions in exchange for the Train

They haven’t finished work yet and they’re already distributing profits… imaginary

They revoke 3 resources against the Mayan Train; the work will continue

All legal requirements were met: Fonatur

Government creates special anti-homicide force

It will put in place a strategy to combat people and organizations that commit murder; the National Guard will be part of this group

As to the cattle marks the crime to migrants

Complaint. A Veracruz NGO reveals that smugglers inflict wounds on the nose of the victims, type “safe-conduct”, and charge them up to $130 thousand to put an end to the kidnapping

Almost $1 million a month earns the elite of the Senate

IN ADDITION TO THEIR DIET, RESOURCES FOR ADVISORS and their parliamentary groups, the 11 members of the Board of Directors have support only for being part of said instances

They fear economic stagnation in Mexico

FORECAST. The country will not grow in 2023 by EU: BofA; sees CEESP ‘lost six-year term’

Import of natural gas from the US falls for the first time in the last 12 years

Mexico is the main buyer of hydrocarbon

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