Tennis: Paula Badosa apologizes for saying "Catalan is not a language" |  Tweet

the spanish tennis player Paula Badosa apologized for the misunderstanding that arose from a quick question interview in which he commented that the Catalan was not a language, and assured that his expression was due to the fact that the interviewer refused to include his mother tongue between the languages ​​you speak.

When I did the interview, which was in England, the interviewer told me that (Catalan) did not count as a language and so I had to express it that way.

At the interview, Badosa was questioned about various issues, including the languages ​​she speaks. The player born in the United States, but who has lived in Spain since childhood, answered the following:

“Spanish, Catalan, which is not a language, but I count it anyway, and English”.

The words of the young tennis player caused mixed reactions on social mediaeven prompting a response from the Catalan organization Platform for the Languagecreated in defense of Catalan in 1993.

Of course Catalan is a language, Paula Badosa: you can be totally proud! We encourage you to act as a linguistic reference throughout the world: surely many of the ten million speakers of Catalan are your followers!

However, most of the reactions in networks were of indignation, making the tennis player the object of teasing and insults who called her ignorant despite it being a misunderstanding.

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The Catalan, from Begur, although born in New Yorkdeclared the following regarding the controversy that aroused in the networks.

When I woke up I saw the news of everything that has happened. The truth is that I am quite disappointed with all this […] I am very sorry that the news has been misunderstood. It is something that affects me and that is wrong, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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