They are the six young people who got an almost perfect score in the UNAM exam

six applicants of the UNAM 2022 Undergraduate Selection Contest obtained the highest score to enter the higher level in the Maximum House of Studies of the country, reaching 119 hits out of 120 reagents.

under the legend“Cougar talent: one point away from the perfect exam” Inscribed in the classic glove of “number one”, UNAM boasted to future university students that thanks to their results they already have a guaranteed place in the Mexican public university.

students of excellence, Along with 19,972 other applicants who were selected, they will begin their studies at a higher level fromnext August 8.

Six outstanding students and their aspirations

The Faculty of Medicine will be the campus where he attends his face-to-face schooling, Andrea Guadalupe Hernández Hernández, to study the dynamics of the anatomy, the physiology of the human brain and fulfill the dream of being able to generate knowledge that helps other people.

Andrea Guadalupe, who for now lives in Pabellón de Arteaga, in Aguascalientes, six hours by land from Mexico City, confessed that she had not studied for two years.

“I’m excited. I haven’t attended a school in person for a long time, and I find online classes tedious, they made me sleepy, the phone distracted me. So it is different from having a person in front of you, being able to notice their expressions, their tone of voice, asking them directly, ”she stressed.

Bogdan Sergio Choque Demyanchenko He is originally from Michoacan. He anticipates that he will experience something totally unknown when he goes to the central campus of Ciudad Universitaria, and begins his training as aerospace engineer, in the Faculty of Engineering. “I have a somewhat distant relative who was a military aircraft mechanic; he told me about it and I find it quite interesting”, he mentioned when referring to his vocation.

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The already university student highlights that his parents are immigrants.

“My mother is from Russia, then it was the Soviet Union, and my father is from Bolivia,” so “it is important for me to enter UNAM, because it is not the kind of opportunity that is at hand,” he said. the young student, whose hobbies are playing tennis, building models and reading.

Since the eve of the pandemic, Emilio Valentino Ordoñez Rosas, had defined his medicine propensity, because he said, it combines and refers to all the sciences: biology, chemistry, physics and reveals the functioning of the human body.

The student from the capital said he felt confident of having a good score in the admission exam. “I even thought he was going to have 120 hits, I only missed one.”

He stressed that the confidence was given to him by preparing almost six months before. At the same time, he said that he was glad to stay, because the University, in addition to being a very prestigious school at an international level, “in my house, UNAM is the best, and that increased my desire to belong to it.”

Graduated from the National Preparatory School Plantel 8 Miguel E. Schulz, Vidal Efrén Reyes Rodríguez, 25, is a dental surgeon. He studied this degree at FES Iztacala, and while studying he became interested in medical subjects that he will now be able to deepen. in his second career as a medical surgeon.

“I want to exercise what I already know, but with the pandemic it was very risky,” he says about these years in which he had to finish online social service. Happy with the results of his examination, he recognizes that now in Medicine he will have a new outlook for the future. “UNAM is great, it is very complete. Now I will study at Ciudad Universitaria, which is different from Iztacala, as there are many more facilities, libraries and gyms. It will be a new experience”, he said happily.

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At 19 years old, Braulio Pinera Lerdo de Tejada He has had two previous experiences that he abandoned when he did not feel satisfied in the careers of Finance and Accounting, which he began at the Anahuac University, and Administration, which he left truncated at the Banking and Commercial School.

“I’m good at math, so I leaned into that area first. But I wanted something different, to generate a positive impact in the world. Knowing my feelings, a friend suggested me to study Psychology, and here I am for starting this new adventure. I would especially like to dedicate myself to clinical psychology,” he noted.

Coming from a private high school, joining FES Iztacala will be his first cougar experience for Braulio. “I care that a university is good, not if it is public or private. And I found that UNAM is the best option in Psychology”, he said after being surprised to have one of the highest scores in the undergraduate entrance exam.

And finally we have Karla Naomi Ramirez Guzman18, a native of Texcoco, State of Mexico, who shares that entering UNAM is a dream come true, which she imagined since she swam several times as a child in the Olympic pool of Ciudad Universitaria.

“It is a pride to belong to UNAM; I have competed in CU and the facilities fascinate me”, she comments, smiling and somewhat shocked because she “didn’t believe it” when she found out her score of 119 out of 120.

He will pursue a medical degree at the Faculty of Medicine, and her goal is to be a gynecologist. “I like to help people, I find it impressive to have another human being inside your body and I love babies,” she says.

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This swimmer plans to combine her sports career with her academic career, and take advantage of the iron discipline gained in the pool to be focused on both activities and, why not, represent the National University in the representative team of the specialty.

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