Well collapse in Coahuila |  10 miners still trapped;  5 managed to get out with injuries

A total of 10 miners remain trapped inside from the well of coal located in the community Las Agujitas, in the municipality of Sabinas, Coahuila.

According to information from Laura Velázquez Alzúa, national coordinator of Civil Protection, Five miners who managed to get out suffered injuries, but he added that two of them have already been discharged after being treated at an IMSS clinic.

During the morning press conference on August 4, Velázquez Alzúa explained that the accident occurred when the workers, during excavation activities, ran into an adjoining area filled with water that collapsed causing a flood.

In the place, he added, there was also the flooding of three wells, which were connected by tunnels.

The official explained that, in coordination with elements of the National Defense and local authorities, the reduction of the water mirror inside the mine will be sought, while increasing the number of extraction pumps to give a total of seven.

“Once the water mirror has been reduced and if security conditions allow it, the search and rescue brigades will access,” the agency detailed.

While, Agustin Radilla Suasteguiundersecretary of National Defense, indicated that the three flooded wells have a depth of approximately 60 meters, of which around 34 are flooded.

As part of the DN-III-E Plan, said the soldier, 230 elements were deployed, four canine pairs and two ambulances for rescue work.


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