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The Mexican State company dedicated to the exploitation of lithium will seek to strengthen the national automotive industry.

During his morning press conference at the National Palace, he assured that the Bolivian experience to build lithium batteries can help Mexico.

“In the exchange of experiences they are more advanced in everything that has to do with the exploitation of lithium. They can help us a lot, although our goal is for it to be a national company, of course,” said the president.

He stated that the state company may interact or have commercial relations with the Automotive industry of the country so that lithium becomes an attractive input for companies based in Mexico.

We have this input and we are going to make it available to the car manufacturers and auto parts in Mexico, so that Mexico continues to be an attractive country and plants for the automotive industry continue to be installed, he added.

He explained that the intention is not simply to exploit the mineral and sell it as an input, but to provide added value to national automotive companies.

He also specified that the Mexican authorities They must review the documentation of the current concessions for mineral exploitation, since the general extraction permits do not apply to the litho, since this is “a matter of the nation.”

One of the main axes of AMLO’s energy reform, which was rejected by the Mexican Congress, was the nationalization of lithium, a mineral necessary for the manufacture of batteries. In accordance with what was proposed in the initiative of the Mexican Government, the granting of concessions would be suspended and those already granted would be reviewed to avoid speculation by companies.

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