AMLO proposes that Pope Francis, Narendra Modi and António Guterres preside over the world truce plan

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador proposed to Pope Franciscoto the President of India, Narendra Modiand the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization, Antonio Guterresto preside over your plan of world trucethat allows the peoples to face the crises they are going through.

The president announced the shortlist during his Friday morning press conference at the National Palace, one day after launched a call to end the military confrontations in Ukraine and prevent an escalation of hostilities in Asia.

“I feel that it is up to the United Nations, the secretary general must participate. I would propose three people for this purpose: the secretary general of the United Nations, the president of India, Modi, who we are seeing is the best accepted by his people and I understand that he has good relations with Russia, China and the United States, and the The third character that I would propose is Pope Francis”, explained the president.

During Thursday’s conference, López Obrador said that countries must commit not to wager on war and confrontationbecause the world is not only going through a military war, but also a commercial one that prevents the growth of economies.

“The world is ready to agree among all the peoples and nations a truce of at least five years to face the crisis. A truce that ends the war, the confrontation, the provocations, and once the confrontations stop, especially the war in Russia and Ukraine, which in five years, this could be done by the UN, a review is carried out”, he reiterated. .

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This Friday López Obrador warned that a war conflict in asia It could have global economic consequences, in particular, because the region produces half of the chips required to manufacture a large number of devices, from cell phones to airplanes.

Given this scenario, he insisted on the need to promote self-sufficiency, as well as economically integrate Latin America in order to deal with global crises.

He also highlighted that the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and now the tensions in Asia have an enegative effect on the Mexican pesohowever, affirmed that it resists the “attacks that occur”.

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