Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train'

Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brad Pitt couldn’t have a better vibe, so much so that the jokes and laughs they share throughout their interview, given to eCartelera; invite you to imagine the shooting of ‘Bullet Train’ as a constant comedy. “Power out of the bubble” pandemic for “go to the shoot to ‘play'” with Aaron and Brad is what Henry remembers most fondly from those days turned out to be like “therapy” for everyone, according to Taylor-Johnson.

“We had been in lockdown for six months and we were starting to go crazy. I read the script and I thought it was perfect for that moment because it had the humor that we neededrecalls Pitt adding that now “it’s also the perfect time” for this film that invites you to enjoy in theaters as we did before. Its tone, an infallible mix between action and comedy, not only underpins the idea of ​​a movie-popcorn lover plan, but also coined its director, David Leitch, as one of the mainstays of the genre. “He is at the top, he is hitting it”Pitt says. This actor, who speaks of said filmmaker in terms of “old friend”, can not avoid the compliments towards Leitch because theirs is already a lifetime together. Pitt and Leitch met on the set of “Fight Club” more than two decades ago. when the now director was a specialist and in that film he was in charge of being Pitt’s action double, a task that he repeated for ‘Troya’ or ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

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So in terms of choreography, Pitt had no suggestions during the filming of ‘Bullet Train’, a film that has a very dedicated cast in this regard. “It’s rare for an actor to want to do those kinds of scenes, but most of us were up for it”says Henry revealing that he even dared to make a couple of suggestions to Leitch. This interpreter is the most enthusiastic when it comes to sharing his joy at spending the pandemic giving milk to Brad Pitt: “Yeah, basically I was able to beat the crap out of Brad. I had to fight him and it was great; but his companions move on the line. “We burst out laughing all the time”Taylor-Johnson says. “[Las risas] they motivated us to bring more life to the story inside the train. And if we could get the team to laugh, then our job was done..

Brad and the bad rabbit

Along with Henry, Taylor-Johnson and Pitt, who play Limón, Mandarina and Ladybug respectively; Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon and Logan Lerman complete a cast that also includes: Bad Bunny. famous singer, that after his participation in ‘Bullet Train’ he has conquered Sony level to take on the role of ‘The Dead Man’ in an upcoming film set in the Spider-Man universe; shares a hilarious sequence with Pitt, an actor who had a great time with Benito.

“It was so much fun because he came up for anything. When I first read the script and got to that part [al personaje de Bad Bunny] I laughed out loud. I really wanted to work with him and when we shot the scene together I was not disappointed, I laughed the samesays Pitt. ‘El Lobo’, a character played by Bunny, also has a clean smack with Mariquita, who we will see getting beat up from August 5 in theaters.

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