China adopts sanctions against Nancy Pelosi and her family after visit to Taiwan

China adopted sanctions against the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Hairsi and his family, after his controversy visit to Taiwan sparked tensions between China and the US.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the visit was a “serious interference in internal affairs” of the country and undermines its sovereignty.

“This constitutes serious interference in China’s internal affairs. It seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously tramples on the one-China principle, and seriously threatens peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” he stated in a statement.

Given this, he noted that will apply the “relevant laws” against Pelosi and her immediate family.

Likewise, China announced this Friday as countermeasures that ssuspended cooperation between the two countries on the repatriation of illegal immigrants, criminal justice assistance, drug control, conversations about the climate change and “the fight against transnational crimes”.

Also, canceled a phone call betweenmilitary leaders of both nations, as well as a meeting with the US Department of Defense and the China-US Military Maritime Security Consultation Mechanism.

Pelosi landed Tuesday in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of her tour of the Indo-Pacific region, which includes stops in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

Given this, China accused the United States of having violated international agreements and meddling in an “internal matter” and maintained that it would take countermeasures.

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Also, sent fighter jets to the island’s air defense zone, fired missiles and stopped several imports of Taiwan, as it claims the latter’s territory as its own amid a dispute over its autonomy.

China sees visits by US representatives to Taiwan, a self-governing island claimed by Beijing, as sending an encouraging signal to the pro-independence camp on the island.

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