Confrontation between authorities and alleged criminals leaves 13 dead in SLP

A confrontation between elements of the State Civil Guard of San Luis Potosí and alleged criminals left a balance of 13 people killed.

“The killing of 13 alleged criminals and members of an organized crime cell in Rayón, who would have been responsible for multiple criminal situations in the Middle region, is reported,” authorities published on social networks.

According to local reports, the confrontation took place around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, when elements of the Civil Guard were attacked by a group of armed civilians on a road in the town of Vaqueros, in the municipality of Rayón, so the security forces repelled the aggression.

Reports and local media indicated that the alleged criminals were guarding a house on the road where the confrontation took place. Upon entering the home, authorities found five 7.69×39 caliber and 22 caliber long weapons; 308 caliber long guns; four vansone with plates from Tamaulipas and another with plates from Florida; handmade tire punches and cartridges.

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