French scientist publishes a photo of an alleged star... and it turns out to be a sausage

After the global euphoria caused by the photos captured by the James Webb Telescopethe French scientist Etienne Klein published one more image whose details surprised users on social networks.

Klein, director of the French Atomic Energy Commissionmanaged to make people believe that that perfect circle in intense reddish tones was the photograph of Proxima Centauri, “the closest star to the sun”as he said in a post on Twitter on July 31.

This level of detail… every day a new world is revealed”, wrote the scientist. The message of his enthusiasm for him to almost 92 thousand followers of him.

However, that circle was very far from being a star, as it turned out to be the photograph of a Spanish chorizo ​​slice.

Faced with the overwhelming response, Etienne Klein published another message where apologized for cheating and warned readers to be alert to what is published nowadays.

Let’s learn to distrust both from the arguments of authority and from the spontaneous eloquence of certain images…”, the scientist wrote, clarifying that it was all about a publication made in a fun time.

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