Gross fixed investment in Mexico falls 1.2% in May;  the construction sector was the most affected

Gross fixed investment in Mexico decreased 1.2% at a monthly rate during the month of May, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

According to the institute, during said month the construction sector was the most affected, since by component and with seasonally adjusted data the expenses incurred in it fell 2.7% at a monthly rate, while in total machinery and equipment, of origin national and imported, 1%.

Despite its slowdown compared to the previous month, gross fixed investment increased 5.5% at an annual rate in real terms. Within it, spending on machinery and total equipment rose 13.4%, but construction fell 1.2%.

With this decrease, the indicator breaks with the growth it presented in previous months, since in April it had a monthly growth of 1.9%, while in March it increased 2.9% compared to the previous month.

This indicator provides information on the monthly behavior of the investment, made up of the goods used in the production process for more than a year and that are subject to property rights; Furthermore, it shows how part of the gross value added in the economy is invested instead of consumed.

It will be on September 6 when the INEGI announces its new update on the matter.

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