Mexican pride!  Karla Ximena Serrano wins gold at the Under 20 World Athletics Championships |  Video

Karla Ximena Serrano18-year-old athlete, got the first gold medal for Mexico in the Under 20 World Championships in Athletics in Cali, Colombia, after beating the Japanese Yanai and Oyama in the 10 thousand meters of women’s walk this Friday.

the one born in Michoacan had a closure for the story that signed with a time of 46:24.35.

From the first laps of the competition, the Japanese prevailed and commanded the lead with great pace. However, the second group, led by Serrano, it did not take long to shorten distances and shortly after they were able to place in passing distance.

With only 14 laps leftthe couple from Japan seemed to have a higher cadence than the rest of the competitors and the medals seemed decided with the Mexican fighting for finish in the top five.

However, little by little Serrano was overcoming the pace of the Japanese, which was in a tailspin. The michoacana began her attack and with only six kilometers left he was already fighting elbow to elbow for gold.

in the last kilometers Highlander managed to take the lead of the competition, but Oyamawho finished second, didn’t give up a single step in what was a real fight to the end.

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In the final lap the Japanese surpassed the Mexican representativebut with a last effort in the final 25 meters, Serrano snatched the glory from Oyama and kept the coveted gold medal.

With the victory Karla Ximena hung the first gold for Mexico in the sports competition that began on Monday and will end on Saturday, August 6 from Pascual Guerrero stadium in cali Colombia.

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