US uncovers problems with Mexico over energy;  PRD would launch presidential candidates and more |  Political Columns 07/20/2022

“Major Temple”, in Reforma

The Morena survey in the State of Mexico MUST have been very expensive, since 1,536 people were surveyed whose opinions had to square with the decision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Not even the most fervent construction workers believe the story that it was the popular will that decided the blow for Delfina Gómez.

“Under Reserve”, in El Universal

In Peru, expectations are growing about a possible request for political asylum in Mexico from the beleaguered president of the Andean country, Pedro Castillo. These versions issued by Peruvian politicians grew after the president met privately at midnight on Wednesday with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. Harold Forsyth, Peruvian ambassador to the OAS, is one of the voices that affirm that Castillo will seek asylum in Mexico, after facing several accusations against him, including corruption.

“Transcended”, in Millennium

It seems like a never-ending story of the resistance of Morena, PVEM and PT to give MC a seat in the Permanent Commission after yesterday the Electoral Court began to raise the tone of its sentences and publicly admonished Ignacio Mier Velazco, Carlos Puente Salas and Gerardo Fernández Noroña, which will eventually be followed by “compulsory measures” and even “criminal complaints.”

“Political Fronts”, in Excelsior

1. Slow count. Another huge difference between the elections organized by the INE, whose president counselor is Lorenzo Córdova, and those of Morena, led by Mario Delgado, in addition to the disorder and brawls in the polls, is the slowness in getting the results. Four days after the internal process of Morena, the leadership has not officially made them known, but Delgado has sent recognition and congratulations to the organizing committee of the party’s renewal process “for the historic democratic day in which three million joined of people to our movement.”

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