Tarantino, on 'Top Gun: Maverick': "I thought it was fantastic"

    the american manager Quentin Tarantino says that he does not usually give his opinion on the most recent films, but that in the case of ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘, directed by Joseph Kosinskihas made an exception.

    recently on the podcast ReelBlend (hosted by Sean O’Connell), Tarantino and his ‘Pulp Fiction’ co-writer, roger averyThey were chatting aboutthe best movies in the history of cinema”, which led to asking his opinion about the long-awaited sequel starring Tom Cruise.

    Tarantino began by warning of his refusal to comment on new releases because “then I’m forced to say nice things, or else I’m “slapping” someone, and I don’t want to do that”. However, he then mentioned: “But, in this case… I love ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. I thought it was fantastic. I saw it in the cinema… that one and Steven Spielberg’s remake of ‘West Side Story’. Both seemed to me to offer a true cinematographic spectacle, the kind of spectacle that I thought I would never see again. It was incredible.

    The respect and love for Tony was in every shot. Almost in every decision.

    And it went further: “But, in addition, there was a beautiful detail, because I adore them both —Tony Scott’s cinema and Tony himself— and that is that this is the closest we are going to be to seeing another Tony Scott movie, ever. Joseph Kosinski did a great job. The respect and love for Tony was in every shot. Almost in every decision. He was consciously there embodied, but in such a sensational way that he became respectful. And I also think he was in every decision that Tom (Cruise) made in the movie.”. Let’s not forget that two films directed by Tony Scott have a script by Tarantino: ‘Love at point-blank range’ (1993) and ‘Red Tide’ (1995).

    Tarantino also commented that he had asked Cruise, before the premiere, how it would be possible to make the film without Scott. To which the actor replied: “I understand what you’re saying; that’s why all these years I’ve said ‘no’, for that very reason. But we have found a way.

    The filmmaker concluded by analyzing the “tear gassy scene” of the film: the reunion between Cruise and Val Kilmer. “It was a little cheap, but it worked. It’s a bit like Charlie Chaplin dying on stage at the end of Footlights (1952). You’re waiting for it and the damn scene delivers it to you.

    As for whether ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ will have a long journey in cinema history, Tarantino was more cautious: “We’ll see”.

    And, as a curiosity, remember that Tarantino wrote a monologue in the 1994 film “Sleep with me” theorizing that “Top Gun” was really “a story about a man struggling with his own homosexuality.”

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