Texas Governor Sends Immigrants to New York City

The Texas Governor Greg Abbotta Republican, said Friday that he began sending buses with migrants to the city of New York in an effort tohold Democratic mayors and the president accountable of the United States, Joe Biden, due to the large volume of undocumented immigrants who cross the border.

The first bus arrived early Friday at the city’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan.

Volunteers put groups of migrants into taxis heading to a nearby intake center, where they said some would be processed to enter homeless shelters from the city.

AbbottThat running for a third term cAs governor in the November elections, has sent more than 6,000 immigrants to Washington state since April in a broader effort to crack down on illegal immigration and criticize Biden for his more welcoming policies.

The Arizona Governor Doug Duceyanother Republican, has followed Abbott’s lead and bused another 1,000 to Washington.

The border authorities of the United States have carried out a record number of arrests during the Biden administration, but many are migrants who cross repeatedly.

Some migrants who cannot be quickly removed to Mexico or their home countries under a Covid-19-era policy can enter the United States, often to present asylum applications in immigration court.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but in recent weeks criticized bus transportation to Washington.

“The migrants can receive the abundance of services and housing of the city that Mayor Eric Adams has bragged about,” Abbott said in a statement.

I hope you keep your promise welcome all migrants with open arms so our overwhelmed and overwhelmed border cities can find relief.”

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Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser also said her city’s shelter system has been affected by the influx of immigrants and last month called on the Biden administration to deploy military troops to assist the undocumented, a request that embarrassed White House officials.


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