At least 67 injured and 17 missing due to fire in a fuel depot in Matanzas, Cuba |  Video

Firefighters and workers from the Cuba-Petroleum Union continue their efforts to put out a fire registered on Friday night, in one of the oil depots of the industrial area of ​​Matanzas, Cubapresumably after an electric shock.

It is a fuel storage tank that supplies fuel to the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant, the largest power generation block on the islandin accordance with Radio and Television Marti.

Firefighters have tried to prevent the flames from spreading to other fuel depots. Nevertheless, a second explosion this saturday caused the fire to get out of control, threatening other tanks of fuel storage nearby.

The Minister of Health, José Angel Portal Miranda, reported that at least 67 people were injuredthree of them in a very serious situation and another three in a critical situation.

In accordance with the Cuban Presidency, the wounded were transferred to the Faustino Perez Hospital in Matanzas.

During a meeting with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the authorities reported that until 8:30 a.m. on August 6, 17 people were still missing after the incident at the Super Tanker Base.

Díaz-Canel guaranteed that they will continue with the search for the disappeared, as well as with the attention to their relatives. He explained that his government has already requested help and advice to “friendly countries with experiences in the oil issue”.

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From midnight, Díaz-Canel moved to Matanzas, located about 130 kilometers east of Havana.

“Today the people of #Matanzas with their cadres in front, admired for his courage and serenity. We are honored to accompany you. #FuerzaMatanzas,” the president wrote on Twitter.

Cuba suffers daily blackouts and power shortagesso it is possible that the loss of fuel and storage capacity aggravates the situation.

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