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    Spoilers for ‘Sandman’ below

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Endless brothers, it’s that all families, even supernatural ones, have dysfunction. In ‘Sandman,’ the twisted brother award hands down goes to Desire (Mason Alexander Park).

    His…desire…to bring the main character and his brother Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) to ruin goes to extremes. Not only were they complicit in Morpheus’ detention for a century, but they also nearly pulled off a dastardly plan to have Morpheus inadvertently kill one of their own. An event, we are sure, that would have reaped terrible consequences. Despair (Donna Preston) also finds herself caught up (if not manipulated) in Desire’s schemes, adding to family tension.


    However, their “fight” is not the only discord that shakes the family tree. One of those Endless brothers that generates intrigue is the being known as The Prodigal. While there are other brothers that have been mentioned and don’t appear in the series, The Prodigal’s absence raises more eyebrows for fans. During Morpheus’s thoughtful walk with his sister Death of him (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), the two briefly discuss the whereabouts of the Prodigal, and Death confesses that he was still missing.

    This differs from the other siblings, who are casually omitted from the name and are thus considered alive and well. The Prodigal is the only Endless whose absence implies that something more unsettling is rumbling beneath the surface of that dialogue.

    So who is the Prodigal? Where is it? Will we see it in possible future seasons?

    Who is the Prodigal?

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    The Prodigal, also known as Destruction, is the fourth older brother of the Endless after Destiny, Muerte (Dead), and Dream. Like all the Endless brothers, he has a purpose and that purpose is: surprise! Destroy. However, destroying it allows new things to be created.

    Prodigal’s disappearance occurred long before Dream’s captivity; he abdicated his kingdom, believing that man’s penchant for science would lead to destruction on a planetary or even universal scale. As the comics say, the invention of the atomic bomb did nothing to ease his worries. The Prodigal did not want to be responsible for the massive destruction and abandoned the kingdom of him.

    Although it does not facilitate the destructive affairs of others, it is said to be an active aspect of destruction. We assume this means that being the embodiment of destruction will automatically have causal effects.

    Of course, this is all comic book history and details could change if the character were to be introduced to the series, however the broad scope of his story will likely remain intact.

    Will the Prodigal be in ‘Sandman’, season 2?

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    There is an extraordinarily high probability that it is. The poignant and conspicuous mention of his name above all other Endless siblings, coupled with the blatant teasing of his whereabouts, suggests that the creators are up to something deliciously destructive.

    They could borrow from the comics story that shows Morpheus and another absent brother, Delirium, tracking down their brother in a desperate plea to convince him to come back. His attempts are unsuccessful in the comics and lead to him disappearing. Let’s hope they have better luck on screen.

    This team would mean the introduction of Delirium, but what about the other brothers? Who are they and how could they appear in the second season of ‘Sandman’?

    Who is Delirium?

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    Delirium is perhaps one of the more intriguing Endless siblings. The youngest of the group, Delirium was once known as Delight before she one day transformed into the erratic and giddy Delirium. The reason behind her change is a mystery and she remains like this even to her siblings. However, it is suggested that she and only she knows why this event happened.

    Delirium is portrayed as wild and unpredictable. She is known for being quick to anger and punishing people mercilessly, however, she also has moments of unbridled playfulness. She is characterized as forgetful, easily distracted, and struggles to focus during conversations. This, combined with her childish mannerisms, causes her siblings to be protective of her.

    Their stealth current, a swirl of colors that turns black when upset, implies a lot about her internal state, further reflecting the insanity within. She was initially a flower that is more in line with her old self. Despite her apparent personality change, the gallery portrait in the realm of her is said to depict her as Delight, as opposed to Delirium. This implies that, deep down, her true nature is that. Perhaps creator Neil Gaiman will finally break down his backstory in the series and reveal the truth behind his transformation once and for all.

    Who is Destiny?

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    Naturally, Destiny is the oldest, and some might say wisest, of the pack. He was there when the universe was born, but he also knows its end. As is his nature, Destiny is known to take a more passive approach compared to his siblings.

    Your duty is simply to read and look through your book. That said, he has been known to go beyond the bounds of his duty to meddle in world events. The job requires him to be omniscient, but this quality is flawed, as evidenced by the fact that even he doesn’t know why Delight became Delirium.

    It’s possible that his fate (so to speak) in the series may be intertwined with the mystery surrounding Delirium’s transformation.

    ‘Sandman’, season 1, is now available in full on Netflix Spain.

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