'Paranormal Activity: Friends'

‘Paranormal Activity’ became one of the most lucrative horror sagas in film history. The first installment cost less than half a million dollars and ended up grossing almost 200 million at the worldwide box office. The franchise continued to make solid figures, although in recent installments it was losing momentum.

In 2021, ‘Paranormal Activity: Allegados’, the seventh film in the saga, premiered directly on streaming through Paramount+. In addition to going unnoticed by the general public, the critics were quite harsh with her, although the last installment they approved was ‘Paranormal Activity 3’. Although they welcomed a change in history, they did not hit a single boat in the seat watching it.

Now it turns out that not even Jason Blum is a fan of the William Eubank movie. At the Locarno Festival (via Variety), the boss of Blumhouse Productions admitted that it is time to put the franchise to rest: It has been enough. The last ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie was terrible. With ‘Halloween’ we only had the rights to three movies, so we said ‘Halloween: The Ending’. The end at least for Blumhouse. With other things, you just get the feeling that it’s time to put them to rest. I would go back if some director I love, like Scott Derrickson, told me ‘I have a great idea for a ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie. But it’s not something I want to do right now.” In Spain we can say goodbye to ‘Paranormal Activity’ with the premiere of ‘Paranormal Activity: Allegados’ on August 20 on Movistar Plus+.

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From ‘Halloween’ to ‘The Exorcist’

Although Blumhouse let ‘Paranormal Activity’ rest, perhaps forever, they have more open sagas to continue scaring us soon. In addition to ‘Halloween: The End’, which will be released in theaters this year, they are also preparing a new ‘The Exorcist’ movie with David Gordon Green, director of the latest ‘Halloween’ movies. Universal Pictures and Peacock paid $400 million to take over the horror classic franchise, and in its new version we will see Leslie Odom Jr, Ann Dowd and Ellen Burstyn, who returns to the franchise. Its premiere is expected in 2023 and Jason Blum says about it: I hope we can do the same thing we did with ‘Halloween’ but with ‘The Exorcist’: make it in a way that feels fresh and is worth the review. And make it look different enough that people are happy with what we’ve done..


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