The price of LP gas rises again in CDMX |  Full price list from August 7 to 13

The highest price in the country will be 28.54 pesos per kilogram and 15.41 pesos per liter in the municipalities of Pueblo Nuevo and San Dimas, in Durango.

While the lowest price will be offered in the municipalities of Tamaulipas de Matamoros, Reynosa, Rio Bravo and Valle Hermoso, where it will be offered at 21.68 pesos per kilogram and 11.71 pesos per liter.

Meanwhile, in the 16 municipalities of Mexico City, the price per kilogram, in the case of metal cylinders, and 23.38 pesosand per liter, referring to stationary tanks, will be 12.62 pesos.

Last week, which corresponded from July 30 to August 6, after the Aristegui Noticias team followed up on LP gas prices in the capital, the cost of the hydrocarbon was 22.59 per kilogram, which represents an increase of 79 cents. Meanwhile the price per liter was 12.20 pesos; meaning a raise of 42 cents.

The price to be offered in the next 6 days in most of the regions of the State of Mexico –such as Texcoco, Ecatepec, Tepotzotlán and Chalco– the maximum price per kilogram is 23.38 pesos, and per liter is 12.62 pesos.

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While in the Mexican municipalities of Atizapán, Metepec Temoaya and Toluca the price will be 23.87 pesos per kilogram and 12.89 pesos per liter.

About Monterrey and several municipalities of Nuevo Leónthe maximum price per kilo will be 24.72 pesos and 13.35 per liter.

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In Guadalajara Jaliscoat 24.52 pesos per kilogram and per liter at 13.24 pesos.

CRE’s new plan

The new methodology already used by the regulatory body divided the national territory for fuel marketing purposes into 220 regions.

The weekly calculation of the maximum prices of LP gas by region will be made through a cost model, which considers the type of plant that supplies the product; as well as the initial investment; regulation costs; operating costs; plant management and maintenance.

According to the information published on July 28 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the Commission will publish every Saturday the maximum prices to the End User by electronic means.

The beginning of the validity will be the following Sundayfor each of the regions and for each of the municipalities that make up the Regions”, reads the document.

LP gas prices from August 7 to 13, 2022 by Aristegui News on Scribd

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