AMLO confirms trip to Sabinas to verify miner rescue

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that he will travel to Coahuila this Sunday to verify the rescue of miners in Sabinas.

On tour in Colima, the Mexican president confirmed that he will make the trip on a military flight.

The president confirmed the trip, outside the original agenda, at the end of the event to supervise the implementation of the IMSS-Wellness Health Plan with local authorities.

The following dialogue with reporters from the national press was recorded.

-Are you going to Coahuila?
-Yes, I’m going
– At what time?
-Already now
Are you going on a military flight?
-Yes (…) I’m going to see how the rescue is.

The National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) reported that the personnel working to rescue the 10 miners trapped in a well in the community of Las Agujitas in Sabinas, Cohauila, introduced a camera to assess the conditions of the mine.

According to the CNPC, the camera was introduced in well 4. The workers are in a tunnel, between wells 1 and 2, according to an infographic released by the federal authorities.

The head of the agency, Laura Velázquez Alsúa, shared a 32-second video in which the rescuers are shown introducing the camera, which will allow them to have a broader view of the conditions of the mine in order to carry out the rescue.

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