Carlo Bonomi and Pingu

Dubbing actor and professional clown Carlo Bonomi has died at the age of 85 in Milan. Bonomi was one of the most recognized dubbing actors in Italybut throughout the world we will remember him for having been the voice of Pingu, the penguin who starred in his own stop-motion animated series.

Carlo Bonomi was born in Milan and left his mark on the city in 1985 as the voice of the announcements at the central train station. In Italy He came to lend his vocal cords to characters as mythical as Pedro Flintstone or Mickey Mouse.

In 1972 he began to work on the dubbing of ‘La linea’, a mythical animated series starring a simple line. It was there when he began to experiment with sounds apparently without any order or concert and with a whistle voice that he would end up popularizing in ‘Pingu’.

the pinguish

In 1986 he left ‘La linea’ and started working on the ‘Pingu’ series. Bonomi himself explained at the time that pinguish or pingüinés, as this language spoken by the protagonist was known, was inspired by the abstract idioms of clowns from Italy and France, with a parody touch of the Milanese accent. Carlo Bonomi remained the voice of Pingu until the year 2000, when he was succeeded by actors such as Marcello Magni or the Catalan David Sant.

Bonomi has also participated in the dubbing of the ‘Mr. Rossi’, in Pingu videogames and in the ‘sporeand was the commentator for Switzerland in three editions of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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